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Great for fall marshmallow/hotdog roasts!

Purchased these to use at our wood firepit as well as our gas fire pit. The kids really like the way the extend out. So far, we have used these for s’mores, and they worked perfectly. I like that each one has a different color so each of my kids know which one is theirs. They extend far enough for a hot fire but when using over a smaller fire you can make the stick shorter which is easier for the younger kids to use. I had no problem with the sturdiness of the sticks, but not sure how they would hold up on a really heavy load.

After using the sticks, they were easy to clean and store away in the bag so they don’t get lost. I’ve never had a bag for s’mores sticks but it has been a nice add on, though I can see it getting sticky if you don’t clean the sticks first.

They are perfect for hotdogs and s’mores and would definitely recommend them.

marshmallow roasting sticks heavy duty extra long

Lightweight and fun way to bond with the kiddo(s)

At first, I thought these marshmallow roasting sticks were cheap and flimsy but they’re actually decently built. Manufacturer, I believe, claims that these are 304 stainless steel which is food-grade safe. The telescoping rod works well and since these are light weight and not heavy-duty/heavyweight, it’s great for kids to use. Although I’m not sure how well these work with hot dogs ( depending on how hefty/beefy your hot dog is) I can see it being a pain for little kids to use. However, these things are great for the intended use of marshmallows. Also like that the plastic colored rings so everyone knows who’s marshmallow & sticks belong to whom.

A cheap, fun & easy way to bond with family around the fire pit during these trying times due to the pandemic.

Perfect Roasted Marshmallows

Since it’s getting cooler we are loving sitting out on our patio around the firepit and just chilling and having a good time. We also love to roast hot dogs and make smores around our fire pit also and these roasting sticks are great for all that. They extend long enough that we can sit and enjoy the fire and roast our marshmallows just the way we like them without being too close to the fire. These are great for the kids as well and lets us be a safe distance away and do whatever we want. They also clean up really quickly and easy and then we can store them away for next time. Great roasting sticks that we love using all the time. They have held up so well and we really love using them.

Nice Extension Sticks

These roasting sticks have a long extension, they are well made, when I extended the stick, it stayed in that setting. I used them for roasting marshmallows and the long extension helped keep everyone safe from the fire so you can sit by the fire comfortably with a firm grip on the handle. The different colored handles were good for everyone to remember which colored sticks belong to them for sanitary reasons.

Very soft and high quality Baby Blanket

LOVE it! Gender-neutral blanket and big enough for a 1-year baby. It’s so soft for my baby to lay on, and lightweight. The extras with the wreath, frame, and little rainbow wrist band are so cute.
I have seen blankets of this type that are very thin, like a sheet, but this one is thicker and super soft!
The design is accurately printed on it, not ironed on, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or peeling even after a wash. I have machine washed it, and there was no fading. Perfect baby shower gift for any expecting mom! Highly recommend!

Super Soft and Large size

This blanket was a gift to mg sister for her soon to be son. It is super soft and will look adorable for monthly photos!